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Garage Door Solution Service Houston, TX 713-401-1943Your garage door would not be able to move in either direction without the aid of numerous types of springs. Although springs may not weigh more than a few ounces, they can withstand hundreds of pounds of pressure on them from the garage door itself. It is an unfortunate reality that garage door springs can break suddenly and cause severe injuries and damage to property. This usually happens when the spring has become worn and no one ever replaced it. The situation is most urgent when springs break while a garage door is in the up position.

Even when your garage door experiences spring failure in the down position, you should not try to remove or replace it by yourself. The experienced journeymen at Garage Door Solution Service have dealt with this situation hundreds of times and know just what to do while still ensuring everyone’s safety.

Torsion Springs

A strong beam located near the top of your garage door sends a signal to its torsion springs that it’s time to lift the door. When you press a remote to lift the door, the torsion springs quickly uncoil and then coil up again when you close it. That is the position they remain in most of the time. Torsion springs can wear down over time and break quite suddenly, causing an emergency garage door repair situation.

A person not trained in garage door repair and maintenance would not notice the subtle differences between torsion springs. All have a different wire size as well as come in different heights and lengths. Analyzing these components is what enables Garage Door Solution Service to determine how much longer the torsion springs will last before we need to put new ones in for you.

Extension Springs

The extension spring is another important type of spring that allows your garage door to operate safely. When you activate the remote to your garage door, the extension springs constrict and extend to make movement in either direction possible. Extension springs also help the interior of the garage door system hold heavy machinery in place.